Bold and Brave Camp


Bold and Brave Camp is a Summer arts camp for girls. Bold and Brave came to me needing an expedited website that gave all the important information about the camp and allowed campers to register and pay camp fees. I completed the initial build for this site in under 2 weeks. Additionally I assisted Bold and Brave with setting up and creating their e-news and I continue to provide marketing consultation and updates to their site as needed.


Vertical Horizon


Even established rock bands must maintain a regular online presence to stay connected to fans and venues. While it’s best when artists create and push their own content with their own voice, having a strategist means someone has a handle on the big picture of the artist’s future goals, which ensures that the artist’s efforts are not wasted. In addition to helping artists actualize their artistic goals and online image, I assist with maintaining all web accounts including websites, social accounts, and e-news mailers, so that branding is consistent and outreach is coordinated.


Shamanic Healing LA


Shamanic Healing LA required a website build that allowed them to book appointments and collect payments online, offered information in a clear, easy-to-navigate way, hosted a blog, and had a homepage layout that was optimized for a low bounce rate. I also assisted in establishing social profiles and content scheduling. Shamanic Healing LA has gained 10,000+ followers on Instagram in its first 6 months of business. I create and send twice monthly newsletters with an open rate well above the industry standard. I assist with creating online and printed marketing schedules to promote upcoming events and services. I continuously monitor Shamanic Healing LA's web presence using Google Analytics and I use this information to make adjustments to the site or suggest different types of services to take full advantage of our visibility.

Heidi Knapp Therapy


Heidi Knapp is a marriage and family therapist that required a website to help promote her newly launched practice. Heidi requested an expedited build in order to launch her site before an industry conference and working together we completed her initial website build in about 2 weeks. Her website features important information about her background, her practice, her rates, her location, and how to book. Heidi's website needed to have photos and a color image that matched the tone of her practice and also needed to integrate a client portal for her existing clients. I also assisted Heidi with setting up her domain email and blog.

Lifetime Financial Strategies


Lifetime Financial Strategies came to me with a content-rich website that needed a complete redesign to make its many pages and hundreds of articles organized and easy to navigate and find information. Lifetime Financial Strategies also had a vision of connecting to current and potential clients through a valuable, informative twice-monthly newsletter, but wanted to provide different kinds of information to different types of subscribers. I did a redesign of the website and continue to perform updates as needed (as of Spring 2018, this site is undergoing a redesign. Updated pictures to come). I also created a MailChimp account and segmented all of our subscribers into groups allowing us to send relevant articles to different types of clients or potential clients. I mine for or create original content for the Lifetime Financial Strategies blog and e-news as well as post to relevant online groups. Lifetime Financial Strategies has expressed that they have gained several substantial accounts as a direct result of our e-news efforts. 

Aevok Apparel


Aevok Apparel is an LA-based athletic apparel brand that launched in the fall of 2016. Aevok requested assistance in building up their social media presence and connecting with influencers. I worked with Aevok to organically grow their following with relevant and engaged accounts. Each week I analyzed our social media data to determine what kind of content was working and what wasn't, what times of day optimized our engagement, and what kind of posts lead to more website visits and conversions. After our social accounts were populated with content, I researched relevant influencers and began engaging with them daily. After these relationships became established we were able to trade Aevok Apparel product in exchange for posts and tags on Instagram.


Please note that this is only a small selection of my work and the content on this page is refreshed frequently. I am happy to provide additional work samples upon request.